Thursday, 5 January 2017

Couch To 5K - W1/D1

I did it! I have committed! I went on my first C25K run with my friend Sarah last night and I felt so much better after it. Sarah met me at my house at 6:30pm and we ran around my village following the C25K app's instructions. We bumped into more joggers than I thought we would, all geared up with head torches and hi vis jackets which of course, we didn't have.

Due to my kickboxing, my fitness level is quite high (thank gosh) and so this first run wasn't too difficult for me. That being said, it was probably only easy due to the sheer lack of running we did and how much walking we did instead. We were meant to be walking, I promise. The programme is designed for people with a lower fitness level at the end of the day to gradually take anyone from couch to 5k.

So the first run lasted 25 minutes with a 5 minute warm up (brisk walk) followed by 1 minute run and 1 minute 30 second walk six times, ending with a 5 minute walk cool down.

It was a very cold night and we were out in -1 degree celsius weather. It was very easy to give in however, we stuck to it and I am feeling so much better that I have done it. We have decided to run again on Friday but tonight I am at kickboxing, so I am definitely keeping active :)

In conjunction with keeping active I have implementing something new into my diet. Generally, I am known by my ability to eat and the sheer mass of what I eat. But, I have decided to now stop eating at the first signs of feeling full. It doesn't matter how delicious my meal is, when i begin to feel full I will stop eating. This should hopefully lead to a decrease in my portion sizes which believe me are very large ha ha. I give full credit to MsGoldgirl on YouTube who explained that she lost weight through this (and other factors) in her NYE GRWM video.

Thank you for reading, I hope you are having a brilliant New Year and are making the most out of your time 

x x x

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