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My Favourite Internet Influencers

Seeing as I am new to owning a blog, I thought I would share with you the inspiration that has led me to this decision. I have been a lover for social media since it all started really, and I have watched as gradually over time, all the platforms have evolved and users gain more and more of a following. I thought I would share with you my top 5 influencers from some of my favourite social media platforms and why I love them so much.

*Disclaimer! I do not own any of these images*

S N A P C H A T 

Snapchat is a wonderful place. I use it to interact with my friends and watch both my friends and 'famous' people's stories. I spend a LOT of time on snapchat which is one thing I need to cut down on this year, but here are my top 5!

(In no particular order)
Maeve Madden
- maeve_madden-

Maeve is a fitness lover/personal trainer who also models, from Ireland. Although currently living in London, Maeve has spent a lot of time back 'home' in Ireland (I am assuming Northern Ireland from her accent which is awesome because I am part N. Irish!) for the festive season. I love Maeve because she is so real with her followers and is an amazing inspiration. One thing I would LOVE to see from Maeve, is how she achieves those huge curls! I love them (and her!!)

Joanne Larby AKA The Makeup Fairy
- themakeupfairy - 

Joanne Larby is one of Irelands biggest bloggers and is such an inspiration! I don't want to get into her story too much because not only is it featured in her blog, but also in her BOOK FairyTales (which I own and love). This woman is such an amazing Girl Boss and her fitness transformation over the past year has been incredible to witness. Again, I love how real Joanne is on Snapchat and how you really feel like one of her friends. Something I love that Joanne has already implemented this year is how involved she now is with her following. She now keeps her snaps 'open' during the working day and personally I have found it much easier to interact with her. Love Love Love

Anna Saccone Joly
- asacconejoly -

Where do I even begin with Anna... I adore Anna and her family so much and have done for the past six almost seven years. If you didn't know already, Anna and her husband Jonathan, daily vlog over on YouTube. On Snapchat, Anna graces us with (more) little insights into her and her families life. It is often more of the kids or the dogs and other little funny moments that occur after the vlogging camera has been switched off for the day. 

Laura's Views
- laurasviews -

I guarantee you that this gorgeous lady is realer than your life itself! Laura is known for her love of bananas and annoying her long term boyfriend Ian (or Dean... if you know you know ;-)) I love Laura because she is finally someone of inspiration (in both the budget beauty and vegan world) that is HONEST. As much as I love bloggers, there are some that I feel would promote products that have no relevance or use in their life but if it's shocking, you can trust that Laura will tell you it is shocking and I love her for that!!

Niamh Cleary
- NCmakeup - 

So unbelievably talented and lovely! Last but not least is NCmakeup. Niamh is absolutely wonderful (not only because we share the same name) but because she is incredible at what she does and is so inspirational to her following. Niamh makes it clear to people starting out in this corner of the internet that your number of followers does not matter and you need to be doing it because you love what you are sharing! Her Snapchat stories consist of her thorough makeup tutorials that are just flawless and she is doing so well. Love.

I N S T A G R A M 

I think Instagram is where influencers go to express their creativity and appear to have their lives set out and being almost perfect. We all love to feel great and a aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed is the perfect thing to have to make yourself feel better. This contrasts to Snapchat where people can be 'real' and not feel judged (as much, I guess.) That being said, love Instagram and more importantly, love the people who allow me to have an insight into their life on there! Here are my top 5!

 (In no particular order)

Kristyn Cole
- krisyncole - 

This beautiful momma shares her life with her partner and her toddler. She also shares her decorating and I just love her feed so much. Again, love how real she is and how 'normal' she is. I feel like social media has become a place where people make their lives appear 'better' for lack of a better word and this makes others feel as though their life isn't as good. The reality is though, these people generally only show the highlights. You have to remember that nobody is perfect. 

Huda Beauty
- hudabeauty -

If you have Instagram then you will have heard of/ seen Huda Beauty. She is known for naturally looking like one of the Kardshian sisters and being so wonderful and sweet and lets not forget being fantastic at what she does! Huda promotes different beauty and makeup hacks both high end and budget friendly and always looks incredible. One thing that I admire about Huda is how she promotes smaller accounts and helps them grow their following from hers.

Tammy Hembrow
- tammyhembrow -

Tammy is wonderful. Sheer goals. Tammy and Reece have managed to use Instagram in order to make ANYONE want to grow up and have kids. They appear to live the cutest life and post regularly of either themselves, fitness, their kids or their possessions and I am not gonna lie, I wouldn't mind living like them haha. They're so cute!!

Maeve (Pretty Princess)
 - prettyprincess_fitness - 

I discovered Maeve through Joanne Larby when they went to Ibiza in summer 2016 and have been a loyal follower since. Maeve is another one of those inspirations who jumped onto the healthy bandwagon and her transformation pictures and meal prep photos etc keep me motivated to carry on. Maeve is also an MUA and looks amazing ALL THE TIME! Still need someone to explain to me how that is fair...

Joanne Larby (The Makeup Fairy)
- makeupfairypro -

How could I not include Joanne *heart eyes emoji*. Love, love, love this woman. Her Instagram is so up to date with selfies, gym updates, fashion and she interacts with all her followers. Perfection. Joanne's life appears so put together on her Instagram and then she shows the 'behind the scenes' reality on her snapchat (although still pretty perfect ;-)) She is so lovely and generous and holds weekly giveaways including so many lovely products. I am yet to win one haha. Recently, Joanne has released her own set of makeup brushes (which believe me I would have if the budget stretched that far! haha) and her Instagram feed just increases in quality and remains so interesting! 

And that is it my friends! I was going to include my top 5 YouTubers and Blogs on here but I think I will write a separate post on them. I hope you enjoyed seeing who makes social media interesting for me, I really think you should go and give them a follow if you don't already and I'll see you soon. :-)

x x x

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