Survive the UK Heatwave at Work

Oh my goodness, HOW is it still so hot in the UK?? We have been so blessed with the weather this year and I genuinely believe we are on track to experiencing four distinct seasons like they do in NYC!

For me, working full time in an office (that feels like a greenhouse!) over the summer holidays in this heat is not pleasant. And what makes it worse is the fact that dressing appropriately for customers everyday is hard enough without the added heatwave, and if done incorrectly, can lead to you melting into a puddle on the floor.

Lucky for you, I have learnt what really works and what most definitely does not work - in my office at least that averages at around 29 Degrees Celsius WITH air con... and this post is where I will share my tips with you.

Of course, you must take my advice with a pinch of salt and check against your workplace rules as they may differ from mine. I am lucky in the sense that my dad is my boss, however I have been told that I look like I'm off to the beach on a few occasions, which is not good!! I upped my game and now I am an expert ;) just kidding but I know the rules now haha.

I do not own any of these pictures, I haven't yet managed to take my own :(

Now, I love Next for my work clothes and so all of the product recommendations in this post will be from there. Their quality is fabulous for the high street prices and their styles and range of products are of perfect standard to wear for work as they offer a very classy and professional look. In addition, they also carry a range of different brands in store and online including Jack Wills and Lipsy and so there is definitely something for everyone!

1. Floaty Summer Dresses
As much as I understand and empathise with you when you say 'Niamh, the last thing I want when I am melting in this heat is to put on clothes!!' but it is sadly not appropriate to dress like you are sunbathing on a beach (as I have been told!!) whilst you are working :( However, even though you can get away with a little extra leg revealed in the heat, there are many dresses out there that are not as revealing, strappy and short and are completely acceptable for the office and lets not forget that the floatiness allows for added air flow ;)

My sister also has an office job in the city and she is a LOT higher up on the board than me, but she often opts for dresses in the heat and finds it A OK!

Here are a few dresses I have seen that I think are perfect for the occasion...

Click here to buy
Click here to buy

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This Jack Wills dress is a personal favourite of mine and I have been trying to hunt it down ever since I made a dreadful mistake of not picking it up in the Jack Wills store when I was down in Dartmouth! 

At £70 I do feel it is a bit steep if you only plan on wearing it a few times, however I am CERTAIN that I will get tons of wear out of this dress in particular and at some point soon, it will definitely make its way into my wardrobe :)

2. Avoid denim, tights and anything sheer!
Although denim dresses are adorable and skinny jeans are perfect for 'dress down fridays' you will not be comfortable at all and therefore completely inefficient and not a great deal of use at work.

Instead, opt for a pair of cutlottes or some shorts - yes, shorts are acceptable at work! As long as they are tailored and preferbly high waisted and paired with a smart blouse instead of a strappy vest. The general rule is shoulders must be covered and the shirt should not bear any more cleavage than 4 inches below your collar bones.

3. Footwear
For the most part, in my office smart but comfy goes a long way. You'll see the ladies on the shop floor in converse and the office staff in flats too due to the amount of running around we do. My sister informs me that for the most part toes should be covered however, in the summer months an open toe sandal is acceptable.

That does not mean you can rock up in your Birkinstocks to a formal business meeting - although I have worn them in the past on a day to day basis - but a barely there, strappy sandal is perfect but like I said, comfort is key in this weather and no one wants to be raising their feet on top of a paper box under the desk because their feet are swollen!!

And if you do want to opt for a heel, i'd say the chunkier the better! There is a pair at \kurt Geiger Carvela which are beautiful but also would work as a pair of holiday shoes - investing into adaptable pieces for your wardrobe is a wise choice.

Here are some of my picks...

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Hope this helps!!
And long may the weather continue! Despite me being a huge Winter lover!! 



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