A Wee Rant: Blogging and Privacy

... is when viewers/readers have been reading/viewing a blog or YouTube channel for a number of years and suddenly feel entitled to know EVERYTHING that goes on in that 'influencer's' life...

Let's just rewind here... the whole point of having a YouTube channel or a blog is so that creators have a simple platform to share their creations with the world. They have 100% control over what they post just as you do too and if you don't want people rocking up to your house uninvited, what makes you think they are any different?

We are incredibly lucky as an audience to be able to share experiences of other individuals through a global and wonderful source that is the internet but at the end of the day... you see what they want you to see and if for example, someone has decided to keep their personal life off camera or keep the details of their pregnancy private in order to treasure the memories with their family... then you have no right to nosey your way in and demand details that to put it bluntly, you have no right to know.

I understand, having followed people's journeys for years, you feel like you know the people and you are friends etc etc, but at the same time I understand that you really see such a minuscule amount of each day or event in their life and as a result you really know NOTHING. In addition to that, the majority of people are aware of the fact that once posted, their content is out there for the world to see and so try to impress whilst at the same time be real. 

Have you never realised that for the most part, the Snapchat pictures of yourself that  you send to your friends would never ever make it to your permanent Instagram feed? 

well... sometimes... mine do 🤣 i am too open already, calm down Niamh
royally hungover and fresh out of the shower and very happy to be comfy here ha ha
This example displays the message that although these creators are trying to be as realistic with us as possible, you will never be on that personal Snapchat selfie level as long as you are only a viewer, not a friend.

... and of course for the most part it is never an 'act.' But sometimes people need to sit back and think to themselves that these people are humans too and by all means you can be their friend... but if you aren't, please remember to note that you don't DESERVE to know everything and remember to be grateful that this person has decided to even share parts of their life with you in the first place. It is a hard wall to break down.

Okay, rant over. I am not digging at anyone in particular, it just winds me up how some people change when they are behind screens and can be so nasty despite and because of knowing so little.

 hope you're having a great week and i'll see you in my next one... byeee ♡

niamh xxx

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