Luxury Wishlist August 2018

Hey Guys!

...but we have made it and I ended on a high! My colleague at work was off sick for most of the week and so it has been manic looking after both her tasks and my own. I treated myself to a manicure and fresh set of acrylics last night and then proceeded to snap one off when opening a multi pack of pot noodles for my dad the next morning... my finger still hasn't stopped burning!

But hey ho, I am getting it fixed in the morning and fortunately for you, this post isn't about how to care for ones nails. My sister phoned me last night to announce her bonus and so we have been searching the web for a lil something for her to treat herself too. She works incredibly hard and deserves every penny and as a girl who already owns a Rolex and a Prada, it can be hard finding something for the one that truly has everything ha ha.

So with that being said, during our search I pulled a few things to one side and decided to share them with you. At present, a lot, if not all of these items are well and truly out of my price range, however, this is why this is called a wishlist and not a shopping basket :)

it goes without saying that money doesn't necessarily matter nor can it buy happiness...
... but it is nice to be able to treat yourself to a little luxury or two when possible, perhaps to remind you of a particular event such as a bonus like my sister.


My sister and I are both huge handbag lovers, both of us would choose a new handbag over a pair of shoes. Our favourites include my Hermes Birkin and her Mulberry Cross body and it is those bags we had in mind when searching for Ciara's treat...

Prada / Gucci / Chloe / YSL / Givenchy


As this is her gift to herself, we stayed away from buying clothes as we felt like investing in a more statement piece such as a watch, bag or ring would mark the occasion better. However, the Burberry trench coat is a huge staple and statement piece that I know she has been drooling over for years (as have I) and so I know it is only August, but here she issssss *heart eyes*


Now I know i said we would choose shoes over a handbag... but that does not mean we don't love shoes too!!
You will see that I have recently taken a fancy to Louis Vuitton sandals and I genuinely cannot explain why because I have no idea.. they have just really grown on me.

These Christian Louboutin boots are fab and right up Ciara's alley. The chunky heel makes them look comfortable and the red sole is oh so beautiful.

And these Christian Louboutin pumps are just stunning. They are different with the strap coming diagonally accross the foot and allows for a Valentino vibe. And not that that price matters if you are shopping CL, but at under £600, these pumps are at the cheaper end of the options available to you!

...but I am going to save those for a post of their own as I am only recently a jewellery convert and never used to invest much time or passion into jewellery pieces.

So there we have it! There are a few options that my sister can choose from for her wee (or not so wee) treat for working so hard. I will leave you all now drooling and I will see you next Friday!

Have a great week!


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